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4 Health Benefits of Straighter Teeth

4 Health Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Straight teeth are the hallmark of an appealing smile, but they offer so much more. They also enhance many aspects of your oral health. And Invisalign® puts all the benefits within reach.

If you’re thinking about straightening your teeth with hassle-free Invisalign, Dr. Samuel Sigmon of Full Circle Dental Care in Del City, Oklahoma, explains four key oral health benefits you can expect. 

1. Minimize the risk of tooth damage

Crooked teeth put the rest of your teeth at risk for damage because they function as a unit. Whether a single tooth is out of position, a few protrude, or your entire bite is out of alignment, it can increase your chances of sustaining damage, like chipping and uneven wear. It can even affect your ability to speak or chew.

2. Prevent jawbone problems

Poor alignment can cause problems with your jawbone, precisely where it connects to your skull at the temporomandibular joint. When this joint slides out of alignment, it triggers a variety of symptoms, such as:

It’s common to have a grating sensation or notice a clicking sound when moving your jaw.

3. Alleviate headaches pain

When your teeth and jaw don’t function properly, it can lead to muscle exhaustion in the jaw, face, neck, and shoulders, and that tension can easily radiate upward, manifesting as a headache. 

Studies also show that headache patients often suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders more frequently.

4. Reduce your risk of gum disease

Ill-aligned teeth are more difficult to clean, which can significantly increase your risk of gum disease. 

Gum disease develops because of bacteria and inflammation in your mouth — but it doesn’t stay there. Instead, it passes from the tissue to every part of your body, increasing your chances of numerous health issues, such as:

Gum disease even has links to certain cancers. 

Straightening your teeth with Invisalign

Now, the good news? Invisalign uses cutting-edge technology to give you the straighter, more vibrant smile you need to improve your confidence and overall health — and you can start seeing results within weeks

Your personalized treatment options involve custom-made, barely visible clear aligners that move your teeth into an ideal position. They provide proven results faster than traditional treatments like braces, and they can correct most alignment problems conveniently, comfortably, and discreetly. Simply wear your aligners as directed for 20-22 hours each day.

It all starts with a consultation with our team so we can see if you’re a good candidate for this treatment. Then, we use the advanced Invisalign technology to create images of your teeth to plan your teeth straightening program. This innovative software even provides a sneak peek of how your teeth will look when you complete the entire process.

Are you ready to see the benefits of Invisalign for yourself? Schedule a consultation with Full Circle Dental Care today. Call the office or request an appointment online

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