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Why do I need to keep my child’s baby teeth healthy since they will just fall out anyway?

We often hear this question from parents of young children in Del City, OK. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of keeping your child’s baby teeth clean!

While it’s true that all baby teeth will eventually fall out, this is no reason to neglect the teeth or let your child’s oral hygiene slide. The way baby teeth are taken care of actually plays a significant role in how healthy your child’s permanent teeth will be. 

Your child’s 20 baby teeth have crucial functions in their mouth during their early childhood years. These teeth typically begin growing in before your child turns one, and they will slowly fall out, beginning around age six. Most children have lost all of their baby teeth by their twelfth birthday. During the approximate decade that your child has their baby teeth, these teeth will allow them to chew and speak properly. 

Your child’s baby teeth are placeholders for the permanent 32 teeth that will eventually take their place. You must help keep your child’s baby teeth healthy because each baby tooth needs to stay in its place until it is naturally ready to fall out. 

If a baby tooth falls out too early due to decay or injury, your child’s other baby teeth will shift. This will cause problems down the road when your child’s permanent teeth grow in, as each permanent tooth has a designated spot in the mouth. Most children who lose their baby teeth too early will end up needing to have teeth pulled or extensive orthodontia as adults.

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