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How Dental Implants Can Boost Your Confidence and Improve Your Oral Health

A confident smile says a great deal about you, and a reluctant or hidden smile does, too. Missing teeth can take the wind out of your sails and seriously erode your self-confidence. Dental implants are the next best thing to your natural teeth and provide exceptional aesthetic appeal and function. With dental implants, you can smile with confidence once again.  

At Full Circle Dental Care in Del City, Oklahoma, we provide quality and compassionate dental care that brings you full circle. We serve patients from infants to the elderly and provide every possible need for your oral care, including dental implants. 

Samuel Sigmon, DDS, and his talented team work hard to help you have a healthy and beautiful smile. 

If you have missing teeth, Dr. Sigmon wants you to have all the information needed to make a decision about dental implants. If you have questions after reading this blog, call us for a dental appointment and discuss your concerns with Dr. Sigmon in person. 

Dental implants make a real difference

One or more missing teeth lead to even greater oral health issues, as teeth move out of position, become harder to clean, and invite gum disease. Plus, missing teeth affect your speech, chewing, and self-confidence. Who wants to smile with a glaring hole in their smile? 

If you are missing a single tooth or several, custom dental implants is the gold standard for replacing them. 

Dr. Sigmon highly recommends dental implants to replace missing teeth and restore your smile because of how they completely mimic your real teeth. They provide every benefit of real teeth, including promoting oral health.

Dr. Sigmon and our staff at Full Circle Dental Care handle the entire process of creating and placing your dental implants to create a beautiful smile. Your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile are in great hands with the team at Full Circle Dental Care. 

Dental implants look and work like natural teeth 

Dental implants fit perfectly between existing teeth when necessary, and the root of the implant becomes a permanent part of your jawbone. This medical-grade titanium screw integrates into your jawbone to stimulate bone growth, just like your natural teeth. 

Above the titanium root is the crown, which mimics the visible part of your tooth. Crowns are custom-designed to look like your other teeth, fitting in seamlessly with their size, shape, and color. 

Your dental implants look just like your natural teeth, creating a beautiful straight smile of which you can be proud. 

Even better, dental implants function just like your natural teeth. This means you can enjoy eating your favorite foods without fear of your dental work slipping or getting food caught underneath.

You also care for implants just like your other teeth, with regular brushing, flossing, and oral care appointments with Dr. Sigmon. And dental implants are not susceptible to tooth decay. A custom dental implant can provide a lifetime of worry-free service with the proper care. 

Dental implants benefit your oral health

Dental implants benefit your oral health in how they replace your missing teeth. Your dental implant is a standalone item that needs no support from other teeth or artificial support structures. 

We don’t need to alter adjacent teeth to accommodate implants, as with other types of dental restorations. This saves precious tooth enamel on all your remaining teeth. 

Dental implants fill in the missing spaces in your smile, preventing the adjacent teeth from shifting into the open space. This prevents eventual tooth misalignment and more complicated dental issues. Your smile is perfectly aligned, straight, white, and will serve you well for a lifetime. 

If you hesitate to smile or hide your smile because you are ashamed of missing teeth, now is the time to consider dental implants. This oral technology has been around for a long time, and is well-proven to provide the ultimate in long-term tooth replacement. 

Your oral health and self-confidence are worth the effort of getting dental implants. 

Call us at Full Circle Dental Care or schedule your appointment online. Dr. Sigmon and our talented team can answer all your questions about dental implants and how they can transform your smile.

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