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Dental technology has come a long way in recent years, and we are happy to incorporate it into our office to make each patient’s experience easier, quicker, and more comfortable. Here are some of the ways we are ensuring your next visit to the dentist is safe, efficient, and effective.

iTero 3D Digital Scanner

iTero 3D Digital Scanner | FullCircle Dental Care | Del City, OK

The iTero 3D digital scanner is an intra-oral scanner that virtually eliminates the need for a bulky, icky-tasting, gloopy impression. This intra-oral scanner works by capturing a thousand pictures in your mouth, then assembling them into an incredibly accurate 3D model of your mouth, teeth, and gums. With this technology, we are to assess your treatment needs faster and more efficiently. 

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral Cameras | Full Circle Dental Care | Del City, OK

intraoral camera technology | Full Circle Dental Care | Del City, OKfillings | Full Circle Dental Care | Del City, OKBecause x-rays don’t tell the whole story about your mouth, we have invested in an intra-oral camera to get a thorough view of what is going on. This piece of sophisticated technology is about the size and shape of a dental mirror. Its built-in light source guides the way as we use it to tour your entire mouth, zooming in on any suspicious areas.

Because we can view the images on a computer screen, we can see problems that the eye alone—or even an x-ray—cannot, such as cracked teeth, plaque deposits, broken fillings, cavities next to fillings, and areas of excessive wear. You too will be able to see the images, which can help you feel good about making the right treatment options.




We have iPads equipped in every room to better serve our patients. This technology allows us to show patients digital images and videos of  many different procedures. Having the iPads also allows patients to fill out forms without using any paper. iPads are even great for the little one, we have many games downloaded for their enjoyment. 

Amazon Echo Dot

Ever wanted to listen to your own music without worrying about headphones? Well now you can! Each treatment room is equipped with the Amazon Echo Dot. During your treatment you can play your preferred music or even games. 

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