Family Dentistry in Del City, OK

little girl at dentist checkup | Children's Dentistry in Del City OK | Full Circle Dental CareThey say it takes a village to raise a child. At Full Circle Dental Care, our experienced dental team works together to provide quality oral care for patients of all sizes, ages, needs, and abilities. Through family education and prevention, we preserve and protect your child’s oral health and well-being.

Starting with minimally-invasive dental practices, we gently guide your child to maintain good oral habits and recognize destructive habits. We understand that many parents are concerned when it comes to bringing their children to the dentist, especially for the first time. At your Del City children’s dentist, we pride ourselves on making dentist visits fun for kids!

We work hard to provide a compassionate, nurturing, and respectful family environment that inspires positive dental experiences that will last a lifetime.


Family Dentistry for Everyone

We encourage parents to bring their children in at a very young age to get them accustomed to a positive, lifelong relationship with the dentist. We love treating kids—and as your “full circle” dentist, we had treated many of our patients when they were children and are thrilled to now be treating their children. Because we offer dentistry for all ages, you can enjoy the convenience of a full-service dentist for all of your family members, young and old.

Instead of making trips to different dental practices all over town, you can schedule your entire family with Full Circle Dental Care.

Good Oral Health Habits—at Any Age

Teaching children how to keep their teeth clean and healthy is an essential life lesson that will serve them for decades to come. Let your kids watch as you brush and floss your teeth and help them learn how to take care of their own teeth. Talk with them about visiting the dentist and explain to them how important it is, and what they can expect to happen, so there are few surprises.

Bring your kids along with you on your own dentist appointments to get them familiar with and comfortable in our children's dentistry office in Del City, OK. If you have your own anxiety about visiting the dentist, try not to let that influence your children. Kids should feel calm and happy when it’s their turn to visit the dentist. Let someone on our dental staff know that you feel nervous or anxious, so we can work with you to ensure you feel relaxed and stress-free.

Early Infant Oral Care

We encourage oral care, even in infants. When caring for your baby, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe your infant’s gum line gently and clear away any remaining formula or milk to prevent bacteria buildup. Teeth start to come in at around six months of age and will continue to erupt for the next few years.

Once teeth begin to appear, you can use a soft-bristle baby toothbrush to brush your baby’s teeth. Using a small amount of child-safe toothpaste, you should brush your child’s teeth at least twice a day. Your child may need your help or supervision up to the age of seven, or when their fine motor skills have developed enough to brush independently.

What You and Your Child Can Expect During a Pediatric Dental Care Appointmentgroup of kids | Children's Dentistry in Del City OK | Full Circle Dental Care

From the very first time your child comes into our office, we will do what we can to ensure the experience is as pleasant and fun as possible. We offer plenty of diversions kids love: stuffed animals, a treasure chest of toys and prizes, and an iPad loaded with fun games. We also have a no-cavity club board, which provides your kids with a visual reminder of what it means to take good care of their teeth!

We will also spend some time talking with both you and your child to make sure you understand the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene between regular checkups. We will make sure your child understands the proper way to brush and floss. We also offer dental sealants for your child, which protect both the primary molars and premolars.

We love answering questions and educating our patients, so if your child has any questions about teeth or oral health, tell them to write them down until they see Dr. Clay Sigmon again. Curiosity and love of knowledge are essential in children, and we always welcome queries. 

If your child has any kind of apprehension about his or her trip to the dentist, let us know. We will go out of our way to ensure the visit is designed to help calm any fears he or she is having. By the time your child has first x-rays at the age of six or seven, he or she should feel quite at ease in the dental chair.

Dental Sealants for Your Child

Your Del City Children's Dentist, Dr. Sigmon, may recommend dental sealants to protect your child’s teeth and prevent cavities and other issues from developing. Dental sealants are a tooth-colored resin that coats the whole surface of your tooth, constructing a smooth barrier which prevents food particles and harmful bacteria from harming your tooth. Sealants prevent tooth decay and cavities and make it easier to keep your teeth clean.

Dental sealants can be used to preserve permanent molars as they come in, between the ages of six and 12 years. Sealants are a quick and comfortable procedure that maintains your child’s oral health.

Preventive Dentistry for Your Child

Children's dentistry in Del City, OK, should focus on building and maintaining an excellent preventive routine. Dr. Sigmon and his attentive dental teamwork with parents to ensure that their home care oral regimen includes proper brushing, flossing, diet, and avoidance of sugar and sodas. Together, we can build a strong foundation with healthy teeth and gums. Along with strong oral home care, we encourage regular dental examinations and cleanings.

We offer preventive treatments such as fluoride and dental sealants to keep your child’s teeth healthy and vibrant. During your child’s dental exam and cleaning, we will: 

  • Clean your child’s teeth by eliminating any build-up of plaque, which can cause tooth decay and gum disease
  • Floss and polish teeth for a clean feeling
  • Examine your child’s smile for signs of any future dental issues or diseases

Call Our Del City, OK Office Today for an Appointment

We invite you to bring your child in to visit their Del City children's dentist, Dr. Sigmon, as soon as their first teeth come in, or by their first birthday. We offer oral care solutions for children of all ages. Our dental staff is caring, nurturing, and fun—we want you and your family to feel right at home with us.

We utilize the latest innovations in dental technology and techniques to ensure a high level of dental service. Our service to our patients and community is meaningful to us, and we work hard to build a mutually respectful and engaging relationship with each patient. The best reward we can get is seeing beautiful, healthy smiles. Contact our office today to make an appointment for yourself or your child.